1. Pattern Design
    Placement Prints, Co-Ordinates, Repeats, Collections, Half drop Repeats, Fashion, Homewares, Giftware, Bolt fabrics, Botanical Prints, Animal Prints, Art Licensing
  2. Graphic Design
    Branding. Logos, Icons, Campaigns, Publication Design, Corporate Identity, Product Development, Advertising, Photo Editing
  3. Illustration
    Editorial, Book Illustrations, Botanical Illustrations, Fauna & Flora, Advertising, Papercraft Designs, Magazines
                                                                                                    SHS Creative Design
My Point of Difference

  •  thorough computer knowledge in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign
  • Mac proficient
  • extensive drawing, illustrating and painting skills
  • photography
  • very self-motivated, enthusiastic, passionate and dedicated
  •  high level of personal resourcefulness,
  • excellent time management and organisational skills.
  • great team player with a pro-active and positive attitude
  •  able to follow briefs easily being quick to understand brand design and art requirements.
  • able to research current and future trends and colour direction.
  • perfectionist in everything that I do, pay high attention to detail in my work and quality has always been of the utmost importance to me but I am also very aware that all of this has to happen to strict timelines and strict deadlines.  
  • background in business so I understand the needs of both the artistic and the business side of the world.
I have been self-employed and/or freelancing for over 30 years in the arts field.   I’ve trained in Fine Art, Illustration and Graphic Design and have always had a strong love for Surface Pattern Design, especially textile and greeting card design in both hand drawn and digital designs.  My qualifications include a BA of Fine Arts (Printmaking), an Adv. Certificate in Illustration and a Cert. IV in Graphic Design.
I am available as a Freelancer, as well as for Art licensing.
Sue Schreiber